Matt Owens Rees

Published author with a website and blog


Published author with a website and blog

I live in Thailand and write on Thai-related subjects, principally on cultural, lifestyle, and travel topics. My books are serious comments and observations on social anthropology in the Land of Smiles but written in a light readable style.  


Are you sometimes surprised when visiting a foreign country? Do you like discovering a side of the people’s lives that tourists rarely see?

Matt Owens Rees has written extensively on Thais and Thailand.

Thailand Take Two describes the main characteristics and differences between Thais and Westerners. A Thailand Diary is a lighter read with more 365 diary entries. You can take a virtual look inside the everyday lives and experiences of the Thai people, and how they and foreigners interact in this amazing country.

Through field research and discussions with Thais, either in normal conversation or in the lecture theatre, Matt Owens Rees presents a rich picture of the real Thailand: warts and all.

Despite not being similar in style, his books reflect on some of the observations in “Mai Pen Rai Means Never Mind.” ln his opinion, the best book written on Thais and Thailand. Penned by Carol Hollinger in 1965, its insights are still very revealing and up to date. Sadly, Hollinger passed away at 45 years old before she could see her bestselling book in print.

Thailand Take Two and A Thailand Diary are dedicated to her.

Escape to Thailand is an account of an English expat’s experiences on moving to Thailand permanently. Many twists and turns during his time of settling in. Matt’s novel, The Death of a Thai Godfather, although fiction recounts many events in Thailand that the reader may recognise.


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