May 21, 2018

Anxious air-traveler? Or just really curious about planes and what to expect during a flight? AMA the Guru of SkyGuru how to make your next flight more calm and interesting!

skyguru: When a person suffers from claustrophobia, essentially they are anxious about having a panic attack while being in an enclosed space. Hence, the recommendations will be similar to how one may deal with panic attacks. It is also strongly advised to se…

Hi I'm Lena. I am a German girl living in Tokyo blogging about insider tips for Japan travelers. Ask me Anything!

socialtravelexperiment: Hi Erikocaya, I am not location independent. I am living and working in Japan for 3 years. But I would like to become more location independent in the future.
May 19, 2018

Escape with imagination... This is the blog of 2 crazy people who fall in love ... for everything. Travel, photograph, eat, talk, experiment and explore. They like challenges and sometimes have to FLEE to keep themselves in love. Here they share with the world what they come and feel. AMA

Fugir: I would like. But want i like the most is be a photograpgy book ;)

Australia experts! Family and pet friendly travel - Ask Me Anything from city to outback!

Bryony Sumner: We have worked out it costs us about $1000 a week to travel - but this includes all our house costs too (we currently rent our home out). We wrote a series on how much it costs to travel Australia if you are looking for more info.
May 18, 2018

Traveling since the age of 3...Travel & Lifestyle Blogger who works full-time and still manages to travel. So ask me anything!

Hanny: Some common mistakes are going during high season and paying a higher fare when there are plenty of discounts out there. Another expense is spending money on tourist traps instead of enjoying the local attractions. 

Hidden Iceland founders - Glacier, volcano and waterfall immersive travel company. AMA!

Ryan Christopher Connolly: Surprisingly few. The vast majority of visitors to Iceland are coming for something more immersive and potentially educational and adventurous so seem to have a great deal of respect for the guides, and nature.  I’ve had a few customers who thought i…

I am Amanda Scotese, founder and Executive Director of Chicago Detours, a tour company for the curious, Ask Me Anything!

Chicago Detours: Hi did you mean what tour is most popular with my company, Chicago Detours, or did you mean to ask generally what is the most popular Chicago tour for any company? 

I am a sports and travel writer who recently launched my own website. I worked for Bleacher Report for 3 years and proposed on an elephant in Thailand. AMA!

Justin Hussong: Tough question! Muhammad Ali, Jackie Robinson and LeBron come to mind. Ali and Jackie were such pioneers and would have an endless amount of insight to offer since they’ve been through so much, and I still don’t think we really know who LeBron is so …

NYC is absolutely my favorite among all the places I've been to. Now living and working in NYC, I can provide a lot of insights whether you are simply visiting or planning to stay as an expat. AMA!

Steven Thomas: Phantom of the Opera is a must-see. My personal favorite is Kinky Boots. Jersey Boys is on my top list too.

Hi AMA Fans We help you to Discover, Visiting and to living in Portugal

PORTAexpresso Tours: whenever I can, and I like to go to Dubai and northern Europe, want to invite me to go with you ?? Paulo #portaexpressotours

Hi I am Abhishek. I have been exploring India in the cheapest ways possible. Need any info about traveling in India? Ask me anything!!!

Abhishek Soni: you can explore places in kashmir or Utthrakhand. Also sikkim could be a great option!!
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