Jun 19, 2018

Ask Me Anything about my publishing journey as an emerging author and what I have learned along the way.

JackieMoore: Hi Angie, Thanks for getting in touch. I never really considered becoming a writer as such, yet I always found it easy to put words down on paper. It wasn't until I was about to become a grandmother that I decided to seriously write a book for my gra…

Travel Inspirations and Dreams- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Rowena Daniels: Hi Maria, That's a hundred dollar question. I enjoy everything about being a travel expert, but my most enjoyment comes from booking a client's vacation and then getting feedback that they have throughly enjoyed it and it was memorable. This business…

chozun 途赞: China, travel, loyalty, blockchain, machine learning and AI all in one. Built from the ground up by leading women in tech, available in 22 countries, ICO launching in July. Ask us anything!

Do you want to live your life with more health, wealth and contentment? Whether it's body, mind, finances, travel, or career-related, AMA!

Kaylyn Jeffrey: Hey AND_IV! My dream travel destination was Spain for a long time and yes I have been to Barcelona, Spain! It was incredible and an unforgettable solo-travel experience. I do have plenty more dream destinations to go like Lombok and Bali, Greece, Ita…
Jun 16, 2018

Kendra Black: a journey in music. #Ama

Kendrablack: I start by picturing what the item of clothing would look and feel like on me, then I brainstorm on colors, shapes and fonts and I see where that takes me! The KB Sports Apparel is for confident and driven athletes who want breathable high quality ac…
Jun 16, 2018

Is writing your passion? My name is Cheryl Phillips, author of GG's Journey: From Lost to Loved and dedicated animal advocate. I'm here to help you put your passion onto paper. Ask me anything!

AMA About The Adventures in Building My Own Company.

Campertunity: Hi Jenz, My favourite aspect is the freedom. I love working my own hours, prioritizing things myself, being my own boss, and making all the decisions. It’s a lot of work but it’s fun, and exciting. It’s nice to see your project grow the way you want …

AMA: Founder and CEO of Petite Ave, a one-stop shopping destination for women under 5'5''.

Vanessa Youshaei: Current retailers include: 7 For All Mankind, Adrianna Papell, Ann Taylor, Bloomingdale's, Chico's, Dorothy Perkins, Dressbarn, Express, Lane Bryant, LOFT, Marks & Spencer, Missguided, Paige, Reformation, and White House Black Market. We have many mo…
Jun 16, 2018

AMA for how we travel the world for next to nothing (seriously, this ain't clickbait) & save tens of thousands a year as professional house sitters.

Brittnay: Definitely missing out on our family time. My sister has just had a baby and it is hard missing out on her growing up.

I am Karolina, one of the co-founders of Altovita, a curated holiday rental company in Europe’s most up and coming cities. We curate and actively search for beautiful, yet affordable design homes verified for quality and comfort. We advise travelers on where to stay and what to do across our destination cities. Ask me anything about how to best pick your next holiday rental, where to travel this summer or how to grow your travel start-up.

Karolina Saviova: Hello Jason - I think that you've probably hit the jackpost for the most difficult question! The craziest dream is to travel the world in order to find THE favourite place to call home.
Jun 14, 2018

From working with the world's top fashion influencer in Milan to building a Travel startup in Chiang Mai, and creating a conscious space in Shanghai, I live an unsettled life, drawing the dots that connect my purpose and the world at large. AMA!

Menghan Wang: We focus solely on useful content that are objective and practical to target, meaning we do not feature "what to see/do" as it's already overly done; no reviews or recommendations as that's personal and not widely applicable. Instead we emphasize on …

We're a dancing couple with 69 countries under our belt. We search for authentic experiences and follow the locals everywhere we go. Ask us anything!

Bistra and Nace: We keep each other strong! Knowing you have someone to rely on, someone to inspire you all the time and hold your hand in difficult times, that's also part of the magic! Nothing can strengthen a relationship like tough moments when you need to be str…
Jun 8, 2018

Africa's first Gangster Museum !!... Ask Me Anything!

Siya: Through tourism industry,because we run tours too.We also funded by Redbull and South African Breweries

Hi AMA Fans We help you to Discover, Visiting and to living in Portugal

PORTAexpresso Tours: whenever I can, and I like to go to Dubai and northern Europe, want to invite me to go with you ?? Paulo #portaexpressotours www.portexpresso.com

Hi I am Abhishek. I have been exploring India in the cheapest ways possible. Need any info about traveling in India? Ask me anything!!!

Abhishek Soni: you can explore places in kashmir or Utthrakhand. Also sikkim could be a great option!!
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